5 New Gems From Swoon Editions

I have to say I am a big fan of Swoon Editions I have used them for a number of projects and have always been very happy with the quality of their products. They have such a wide range of affordable stylish pieces and as they change their stock so frequently, it means they can always keep up with the latest trends which as we know are ever changing.  So I spent my morning searching their website and I have hand picked 5 of my favourite pieces from them but be quick as they wont stick around long! 

Rennes Sofa £1,299 Fern Velvet

Rennes Sofa £1,299 Fern Velvet

New Years Intentions 2018

Its that time of the year again when we set our New Years resolutions and lets face it by the end of January even with our best intentions we normally fail well l I know I do anyway. So this year I have set myself 3 intentions for the year which I have written down for all to see. I dont know about you but as soon as I put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard rather than keeping it in my head I feel a lot more focused. So why dont you try writing down some intentions for yourself and see what you can accomplish this year. 



1. To Stress Less: This is so important to me for a number of reasons but the main one is for my body and health. I have had a recent health scare and its made me realise the impact that stress has on our bodies.

2. Be Present: In this day and age its so easy to have our heads stuck in our phones, be glued to our laptops and miss those precious moments

3. Read More: I love reading but only ever seem to do it on holiday so I want to make time to switch of technology and get into a good book.

My mustard obsession

Anyone that knows me will understand my love of mustard, I am of course referring to the colour rather than the condiment, although I am partial to a mustard dressing. Softer on the eye than bright yellow but just as warm, it works in all sorts of interior spaces. I love mixing my other favourite colour grey with a strong rich mustard to give a more contemporary feel to a space. However if the retro look is more your style then pair it with teal, black and a walnut wood. If you want to dip your toe into the mustard waters then try adding it on a smaller scale for example with cushions, an armchair or artwork and that way you'll have small pops of it rather than your room looking like the inside of a mustard pot! I have gathered together a few of my most favourite interior shots and I hope I have successfully created another mustard lover....! 


mustard 4 .jpg
Images from pinterest

Images from pinterest


Well what a glorious bank holiday that was, it reminded me summer is still here and I am clinging on for dear life! So what better way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer than to purchase some outdoor armchairs to bask in the sunshine or if you live in England like me then the rain! Either way these armchairs will be sure to make your neighbours green with envy!

armchair .jpg

1. Bamboo chair Graham and Green 2. Itapema Maison Du Monde 3. Mastholmen Ikea 4.  Tibbo Dedon 5. Noumea Maison Du Monde 6. Havana Restoration Hardware